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The quarry opens at 7am; the excellent news is that Dave Lee is getting up at the crack to park his van right by the water's edge and there may be some room for the odd person to put his gear into it to save schlepping it down from one of the upper two car parks. Those of you who've been to Stoney before will know that this is a Very Very Good Thing as the car parks can get full very early and I'm sure that Dave won't have to buy himself a single beer all weekend. Right? RIGHT?

There is a shop by the water's edge for those of you who need little bits and pieces and they do air fills, though no NitrOx. There are also heated changing rooms for the soft Southerners amongst you. Dress warmly in any case as the average water temperature at 20m in March is 6*c. There's plenty to see down there, ehem, including the Nautilus, the Wessex helicopter and the famous Stanegarth.

Experience shows that it takes about two to three hours to get to Stoney from central London on a Friday evening; directions are here.


Arrangements are as shown below, take care of the bill when you leave.

The Dive Inn
57 Hinckley Road
Stoney (tel 01455 273313 and ask for Jan)

Twins: Mel/ Su, Dave/Beanage/+1, Sally/ Dive Bunny, Katel/ Dickie (Saturday night only)
Caravan/ Bunk Room (4 people):McCloud, Pants, Klink, Dr Demento, John W.

Coventry Rd
Croft (tel 01455 286612)

Twins: Nick/ Heather, Gary/ Candice

Skill Circuit Navigation 1 Navigation 2 Search & Rescue 1 Search & Rescue 2 Out Of Air  

These are dive plans which I’m going to be diving to practice a few basics like SMB&Reel deployment, Navigation, Out Of Air drills, some dry suit work, stuff like that. I’m not an instructor and this isn’t a DLL trip, there’s going to be no official instruction or supervision or anything of the sort from either me or DLL unless you are with a qualified instructor on a course, so dive within your own limits and to your own plan, you’re responsible for yourselves.

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