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Skill Circuit in the Novice Area or Pier 1 (7m)

  • partial mask flood
  • complete mask flood
  • breathing without mask (1 min) no mask swim regulator clear
  • regulator recovery
  • fin pivot-LPI fin pivot - oral inflate hover
  • CESA, alternate air source use, air depletion, air depletion and alternate air source swim, weight belt removal-surface, weight belt removal-underwater, BCD removal-surface, BCD removal-underwater, mask removal and replacement

These are dive plans which I’m going to be diving to practice a few basics like SMB&Reel deployment, Navigation, Out Of Air drills, some dry suit work, stuff like that. I’m not an instructor and this isn’t a DLL trip, there’s going to be no official instruction or supervision or anything of the sort from either me or DLL unless you are with a qualified instructor on a course, so dive within your own limits and to your own plan, you’re responsible for yourselves.

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