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Stoney Cove, November 6th - 7th
Da Plan

So, to close the season off while the going is still pretty decent, we’re rocking up to Stoney Cove on the weekend of November 6th – 7th for an all-comers, dive-all-you-like, red, hot and blue weekend. We’ll be having a few newbies down there finishing off AOWs, Aidan's James Bondesque DPV Spectacular, some other courses and of course a fair sprinkling of the regulars telling the pretty girls stretchers about their recent, though unfortunately un-witnessed, in-water heroics. If you want to know more about the last Stoney trip we did, have a look HERE. And for those of you not interested in diving, there’s a well dishy picture of our Mel on that link too.


Accomodation is sorted and done, don't forget to get the money to me ASAP. If you're not sure which B&B you're at then give me a call. If you're having problems finding it on the night I suggest following the map link below and/ or calling the B&B directly.

A good number of us are staying in:

The Dive Inn
57 Hinckley Road
Stoney (01455 273313)


Some are staying at:

Phil Birch
15 Clint Hill Drive
Stoney (01455 272362)


And those only staying Saturday are at:

Watermeadow Farm
Billington Rd East
Elmsthorpe (01455 843 417)

Saturday Night

I will try and book us all a table either at the Bluebell or at the Moon, depending on who has room for us all. You're all invited so rock up with your best mood and winningest smile on. For more details give me a call.

There’s a bunch of information on Stoney here, directions, opening times and all that jazz. They’ve got a shop on the water where you can get air fills and they’ll hire out tanks if you call on the Friday before. The Man doesn’t do Nitrox on weekends though, go figure. The quarry opens at 7am. There is a shop by the water's edge for those of you who need little bits and pieces and they do air fills, though no NitrOx. There are also heated changing rooms for the soft Southerners amongst you. The average water temperature at 20m in November is 14c. There's plenty to see down there, ehem, including the Nautilus, the Wessex helicopter and the famous Stanegarth.

Experience shows that it takes about two to three hours to get to Stoney from central London on a Friday evening; directions are here.


I’m not an instructor and this isn’t a DLL trip, there’s going to be no official instruction or supervision or anything of the sort from either me or DLL unless you are with a qualified instructor on a course, so dive within your own limits and to your own plan, you’re responsible for yourselves.

The End
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