Pembrokeshire, June 19-20th
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Skomer boasts a range of diving sites from wreck diving, reef exploration to drift diving. These include Shag Rock, Seal Hole, the Wick, and the popular North Wall which is a cliff dive that descends to 45m. This dive has superb examples of sea fans, Dead Men’s Fingers and sea squirts, amongst others. Also around Skomer is the wreck of the Lucy in 20m.


This is an island off the Pembrokeshire coast and includes dives such as the Head, Jo's peak, Ed's wreck, Crab Alley, Devil's Teeth and the Ski- slope.

Skomer Map

The Smalls

Lying 18 miles off-shore from St. Ann’s head, The Smalls isone of a group of reefs. It breaks the surface of the water with a lighthouse to mark it. Several wrecks are located here and recently a Viking sword was discovered - the search still goes on for the owner.
The area around the reef consists of large gullies, walls, immense drop-offs and is one of the few places where orange Dead Man's’s Fingers can be found. There are lobster, crabs and crayfish in abundance and the shoals of fish swim along with divers. Orcas, as well as dolphin, porpoise, basking shark and Minke Whales have been sighted in the area as well as the large resident grey seal population (who are very inquisitive to say the least).


The Lucy

The Lucy was a 168 feet coaster containing a cargo of calcium carbide. It ran aground in Jack Sound and later sank near North Haven on Valentines Day in 1967. Intact and upright in 40m (42m on spring tides) . There is a permanent buoy on the bow. Dive on slacks, which is 2.5 hours after Milford Haven or any time when the tide is 6 m or less.

The Hispania

Although usually sheltered, in stormy weather and poor visibility the Sound of Mull can be treacherous. Just a few degrees off course from a safe route along the sound and a ship can strike the rocks, which is exactly what happened to the Swedish steamship Hispania on the night of 18 December 1954. Today the Hispania lies pointing towards the shore on the Mull side of the sound, on a slope with the stern in 32m and the bows in 24m, lying upright with a slight list to starboard.

The Main

Early on the morning of 23 March 1917 the 3,600 ton steamship Maine was passing Bolt Head when it was hit by a torpedo. The Maine now lies across a strong current in 30-35m of water with the bows pointing towards Soar Mill Cove.


The Lucy



A large freighter sunk during the war by mines, situated just north of the east bay. She's 600 foot long and starting to break up now - some good swim throughs. Cargo tin plates still there. Takes 50 minutes to swim right round the wreck - good easy dive in good viz. Max depth 19m- make sure you stay with the shot to the bottom - current can run quite well. Some good sized congers and good fish life. There is a permanent marker on it.

The Behar

A 400ft cable layer mined on Great Castle Head in 14m -a really good wreck in good viz. Runs a bit at times though lots of fish life, some good swim thru's, lies in 19m.

Admantious J Pathis (The Greek)

Known locally as 'The Greek' she was sunk in 1940 carrying grain. Good rummage dive but exposed to swell at the Haven entrance. Sits on rocky bottom. Depth 5-20m.

The Landing Craft

Located on the far side of the Haven this can be dived at slack water only. Rarely dived and worth a visit when conditions allow. Depth 12-16m.


Pants is arranging a hardboat to take us out for two dives a day and accomodation. We'll be diving with West Wales Divers , dives and accomodation should be in the region of £120,- per person, plus a pint of beer to Gary for arranging it all. The dive center where we'll be based and sailing out of is on the coast between Little Haven and Dale. Accomodation is right at the dive center itself, either in bunk-rooms or twins. The bunk houses have a patio out back overlooking St Bride's Bay where there are barbeque facilities to cook up your own catch. Summertime, a good day's diving, beers and a barbie overlooking the sea, does it get any better?

For more information contact Gary or check West Wales Divers, Dive In 2 Pembrokeshire or John Liddiard.

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