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St Ives, September 17th - 18th

Our Man On The Coast has come into possession of a whole mess of Royal Navy underwater survey maps from their inspection of the Cornish coastline, and there's quite a few hunks of metal down there which have never been identified. These maps are not generally available and represent an enormous treasure trove for the ambitious diver.

Now, the surveying was done by measuring electromagnetic interference on the seabed so some of the markings may just be big 'ole rocks. However, as they’re undived on account of them having been unavailable to recreational divers, who knows if there's an undiscovered WWII sub out there with your name on it?

It’s been a slog, but I’ve finally managed to come up with a dive roster for St Ives that gives everybody at least three dives and most of you four, at least one dive being a brand new exploration dive. That’s not to say that the other dives aren’t going to be anything less than spectacular mind, and if you doubt it even for a minute check THIS and THIS.

The bottleneck on the dive allocation has been

A) Sixteen divers signing up for eleven spaces and

B) The fact that these exploration dives can really only be done at slack water, and the fourth slack is at 18.00 on the Sunday evening.

I know that there are many reverse profiles in here, but let’s take it as a starting point, and we’ll divvy up the dives closer to the day when my Man down on the coast knows exactly what the conditions are like, when the tides are and all that.
Dive roster will be insterted here just as soon as I figure out how to put Excel tables into Dreamweaver pages. Any advice y'all?
Once we’re sorted here I’ll send the dive list down to my Man and he’ll have a bash at sorting them out so that we don’t have any crazy profiles or anything. Any of you who are interested in the last dive on Sunday only have to say so; the boat’s empty for the time being and I’m more than happy to book y’all some spaces, should you be staying down in sunny St Ives for a day or two longer.

Bearing in mind that this is quite a lot of boatage to be reserving for the weekend, I’ve arranged a good deal with my Man for yous, and in return would be happy if y’all dropped me the coin by the end of the week so that I can either confirm your space or move one of the reserves up PDQ. You'll have had my email with the dive allocations and my account details on it.

  • The prices include your dives, your tanks, your air, a good time and a fiver for me.
  • If you bring your own tank, good for you but it don’t get no cheaper.
  • If you want Nitrox up to all sorts of crazy mixes (if you’re qualified) then that can be arranged if you let me know at least 48h before the weekend. Nitrox costs extra.
  • If you’re one of these sissy-boy tech divers who needs A-Clamps let me know, and we’ll arrange it right after we’ve sorted out your matching sailor-boy suit and bell bottoms.
  • Pansies.
  • I will also look into accommodation once this is sorted. Please let me know if you want some, and if so if you want a double, single, shared twin or bunk room.

Please lob me the money to my account by the end of this week (17th August) to ensure your space. I’m afraid I’m going to have to be Ming on this as I’ve got a reserve list longer than my knob.

Phew, with all that said and done, don’t you all forget that this weekend is going to ROCK!


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