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The Waterfront, St Ives
St. Ives enters recorded history with the arrival of St. Ia, the Irish princess who introduced Christianity to this area, in the 5th Century.

The legend tells how St. Ia went to the seashore to depart for Cornwall from her native Ireland along with other Saints. Finding that they had gone without her and fearing that she was too young for such a hazardous journey, she was grief stricken and began to pray. As she prayed she noticed a little leaf floating on the water and touched it with a rod to see if it would sink. Lo, as she looked it grew bigger and bigger. She saw that God sent it to her and, trusting to Him, she embarked upon the leaf and was straightaway wafted across the Channel, reaching her destination before the others.

Perhaps "pray" is Cornish for "chew some 'shrooms".


St Ives remained in relative obscurity until the dawn of the twenty-first century when two significant events occured which put the town squarley on the map.

The first of these was discovering the wheel, or rather, discovering someone who had a wheel.

The second was the arrival of twenty six motorway-crazed divers down from London for the weekend.

The Harbour, St Ives


Our Sal has sorted a range of accomodation from bunks in St Ives backpackers, to proper twins and doubles in the hotel. The list will go out when the money's in.



The Van is running any and all kit down and back up, £10 per person, contact me a week before departure at the latest for a space.



Bring what you need. If you need tanks let me know a week in advance, hire is £6 per tank. Air fills are no problem (not free though!) and nitrox too if you let them know in advance.


Dive St Ives, down on the waterfront, arrange the RIB. .

The Harbour at low tide
Dive St Ives


We have the RIB out of the harbour for the fast diving, and the hardboat out of Hale for the tech divers and photographers. Bring your own gear, sandwiches and KY jelly. Hale is a short drive out of St Ives so check it when I put up the schedules later on in the week to ensure you're there in time for push-off.

The harbour at high tide
Don't forget to get your money for accomodation to me soonest.
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