Paul's 39th Birthday Thrash  
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Thy have everything for young men to enjoy..
The Birthday Boy
The price you pay for getting old, BUMPS!
"Grumpy Old Men"
She's a mushroom, he's just a fun guy..
Mad as a box of frogs and twice as mad

        When you've found a look that works, work it!
Whoever that young girl in the middle is, she's a saint for putting up with those two.
Come on guys, we've all thought about it..
Note the forehead marks where Forrest has been testing his new tank clanger.
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
That shirt should be taken out and shot, no questions asked
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Louisa and Catherine basking in Phil's polyester haze
Like a true professional, Paul is ready to render assistance at any moment, should that bra prove not to be up to the job..
Hmm, this pose seemed so much cooler at the time than it's turned out to be
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