Princess' 29th Birthday Fling  
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Cat did ask what her costume looked like from behind. From behind?
"..I guarantee this one's not firing blanks.."
Ooooohhhhh Matron!
Another night at the Blue Oyster cabaret

Pete came as a pink pig    
Pete came as a little pink pig..
Does anyone know where this Farquaad guy is?
Daisy and Gomer
Ross polishes up his image..
.. then undoes all that good work
Whose birthday gift is this supposed to be?

This is what a real cowboy would look like, if real cowboys wore polyester and macrame throw rugs

What right? What I’m saying is, right, what I’m saying, narhmean, why don’t you, right, gimme a kiss, right. All I’m sayin’ is-
Happy Birthday Dan
Happy Birthday Mr President

"Look into my eyes, not around my eyes, into my eyes and you're under! You have an urge to introduce me to your sister who is a cheerleader, right away.."

In later years, superman sadly let himself go.  
"Eh meester, your woman, how much?"
I'm a Steed!
Pants will make some girl happy            
In later years Superman sadly let himself go to seed
Let's keep those hands where I can see them, pretty boy.
Can you see the scorch marks on the parquet as Pants makes his way across the room?
Fluff my pillows!
Bring out the gimp
Sal tries out some techniques from the Linger school of seduction
Opposites really do attract.
I know what I want for MY birthday!
... do not go blaming YOUR reputation on MY website, BrokeBackBoy!
..Ross ..
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