The Stoney Cove Weekend
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Let’s be honest, shouldn’t we know better by now, really? Portland in January was so cold that penguins were having at our sandwiches, February’s Brighton trip was cancelled because the weather was so minging; what were we thinking of going to Stoney Cove for a weekend in March?

Well what do you know, the trip was so booked out that we had to get a second B&B going and there was a regular scrummage to get the few available space in the Dive Inn’s caravan. Pants and Klink won in the end and got to know each other very well indeed that night. Sorry about not mentioning the double bed guys, it completely slipped my mind.

Looking up

It was a good mix of the regulars and new divers who we hope to be seeing more of in the future. There were even some divers there who hadn’t heard that Dan is now a qualified Ice Diver. They obviously don’t live in the Greater London area...

AOW students

Divers dribbled into Stoney throughout Friday evening, got sorted at their B&Bs and headed straight back out to the Moon to settle the dust of the open road with a drink.



Pants getting ready for a night in the Caravan of Love..



Also along for the weekend were Sal and Dan with their AOW and Dry Suit students Joe, Dan and Catherine, who could be seen down by the lake for the first two or three hours of each morning, kitting up and for the remiander of the day, I'm reliably informed, observing their DM demonstrating a Dry Suit hover in the Upside-Down, Head In Silt position.

David grinning


Interestingly, John (as seen here on the right) was nodding sagely throughout and providing the odd tip on the finer points of construction and "lobbing", he’s a dark horse that one. Anyone who was wondering what John was doing during that three year gap on his CV now knows: he was Doing Three Years.

Everyone took the opportunity to let their hair down and take load off, and it wasn't long before the joint was jumping. McCloud spent a good part of the evening explaining the finer points of making high explosives from ordinary items you might find lying around your house, all picked up from watching McGyver. The man’s a menace to society and will henceforth be known as McGyver’s evil twin, McEvil.

To the left you can see a picture of McCloud explanining his methods to Klink, and Klink explaining to McCloud what exactly he does for the Met, hence the nervous grin on McCloud's face. (Hint: You're NICKED son!)



Our Mel, the most photogenic diver ever

Sally pulled

It was a good evening, there was ample time to time to catch up with some divers we hadn't seen in a while, talk a bit of shop and relax in a good atmosphere..


It ended predictably with Dan threatening the photographer with a blunt knife



David getting so drunk that we had to carry him home (nice mullet)

David carried

And Sally pulling!