Stoney Cove Weekend
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Though it's fair to say that no one greeted the chilly, overcast mornings with any enthusiasm, there were a substantial number of the group who were willing to get up at the crack of dawn for a chance of parking close to the water and being ready to dive by as early as ten or eleven o'clock in the morning. Its also fair to say that no one can truly understant the meaning of the phrase "Lack of Enthusiasm" until they've sat in the front of a van with Dave Lee at six am, waiting to get into Stoney, parked behind sixty or seventy other cars, vans and trucks who got there first.

Fester 2 Coincidence?
Fester 1
Still, after all the moaning and groaning in the upper car park we made it in and parked up right at the water's edge, can't ask for better than that can you?
before you knew it, it was time to get kitted up.
Car park

Grumpy, yawning divers piled out of their transport and headed to the cafe, staffed by an even grumpier girl, to stock up on cups of hot tea and the regulatory bacon butties. We gathered our thoughts, held our briefings and

Kitting Up

A special mention must go to that group of hardy DMs (and I won't embarrass them by mentioning their names) who had a little trouble finding the Stengarth, bless 'em.

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