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Klink cutting his soldiers Colonel Klink cutting the crusts off his toast soldiers, you wouldn't have believed it if you hadn't seen it!
Dickie The ever fragrant Dickie, cool, calm, sophisticated with an almost Hepburn-esque savoir faire.. Penny smiling
and a very rare shot of Penny smiling.
rock, paper and scissors . Playing Paper, Rock and Scissors to see who gets to wakeboard behind the boat. garys gas
Dickie finally figures out what highly technical gas mixture it is that Pants uses to inflate his drysuit.
negative entry Pants and Colonel Klink show the masses how a negative entry is done. dans decent
Mad Dan makes a controlled, methodical descent to the Hellopes at 34m. For a change.
Conger eel A Conger Eel hiding in the wreckage of the Alice Marie at 23m. Dave underwater
But it takes more than that to impress Dave
Gary and Dave Gary and Dave Dan and Gary underwater
Dan and Dan
An outstanding day's diving, off to the pub Team
Dickie checking out Dan A tenner to anyone who can figure out what part of Dan Dickie is checking out here.. Dave frontin'
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