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Our second dive of the day was down in the Wicca Pool, a pretty, shallow little dive deep down in the colourful kelp surrounded by rock cook and the like.  
  After a day with Basking sharks it couldn’t help but come over a little pale, so we packed up our stuff for the day and made our way down to Porthkerris beach for a bit of a barbeque, watching the dolphins leap in the bay and Keith roll every single piece of food off the coals and into the sand.
Harketh, I doth espy a younder dolphin, frolicking in the waves
Ook ook, fire, lager, fire!

Monday dawned hot and we were excited to be heading out to Seal Island; it was the first dive of the day, conditions were good, chances were high that we’d get to play a little.

We were joined on the RIB by another few divers which made for pleasant company.

It was a credit to Dive St Ives and sign of how well trained and professional their team is that no matter how often Keith dropped his car keys into the water, the comely Daneill still didn’t want for an ounce of attention. No matter what it was, Dive St Ives' tireless dive professionals were ready to see to her at a moments notice.

They’re a credit to the trade, an absolute credit.

The conditions out at Seal Island were good and were plenty of them about. Even as the RIB approached you could see them poking their inquisitive, dog-like heads out of the water, watching us curiously.

They weren’t at all frightened when Rob, strapping on his rebreather, accidentally fell out of the RIB. He’s a staff instructor though, its all part of the training apparently.


We headed down into a shallow gully at 8m to wait for them, and we didn’t have to wait long.

The seals seemed as curious about us as we were about them and spent quite a bit of time in the kelp at the ends of the gully, watching us flap around and blow bubbles; we must have looked like right rubbish divers to them.

At times the younger seals curiosity would overcome their caution and they’d sneak to within two or three meters of us, observing, but then we’d have to exhale and they’d be off like fat little torpedoes.

All in all it was a pleasant little dive to cap off what has been a top weekend. Sea, sunshine, dolphins, seals, Baskers, isn’t this what UK diving is all about?

Many thanks to Dave and Jan at Dive St Ives for taking every opportunity to guarantee a fantastic weekend; not a single other dive boat out there that weekend saw the Baskers, dolphins or seals, and you can't teach that can you? Big up to Dan for making sure it all ran smoothly on the day; best of luck with your first bunch of OW students mate, but even more luck to them!

Pra’per job.

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