The Twenty Four Hour Dive~A~Thon  
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Ahh, the Burt Reynolds Playgirl Centerfold pose, a classic.
Eloise, what hairgel have you been using?

Through the afternoon more and more divers rocked up and it became clear that there was no issue at all with having enough divers, but rather with having enough room in the pool and enough air to go ‘round.`

The one and only Mariana

The interest from other clubs and people who hadn’t dived with us before was excellent and very welcome indeed, however we’d borrowed every spare tank that DLL had and it wasn’t going to be enough, not unless everyone was very conservative with their air.

There were suggestions of dropping garden hoses down to the known air vampires to breathe off (it would be indiscreet to point fingers, but the vampire’s name starts with a ‘G’ and ends with ‘reg’) however the temptation to pour beer down the hose would have been too strong.

A rhythm soon established itself, with one group of divers in the water and two or three groups recovering or kitting up next door.
  The fellas showed off their equipment and bored anyone who’d listen with huge stretchers about their diving heroics: What a trip that was: waves as big as houses, five miles out in an open dingy, three hours bottom time and I only used five bar and so on and so forth.   The girls watched indeterminate showings of The Big Blue and sighed a lot. If Jean-Marc Barr had come into the teaching room that weekend he’d have had to fear for at least his clothing, if not his life.

Sally proposed to the television several times, but that was just down to exhaustion and a lack of sleep. She proposed to Millsy a few times too though, presumably 'cos he was diving the whole night through and might be fatigued and vulnerable.


There ya go girls, he's all yours
Each group’s dives followed a similar pattern. First there was a lot of whizzing around the deep end, playing with the hula hoops, the Frisbee and the torpedo, head stands, upside down hovers, not always on purpose.     Very quickly the level of activity would drop as the true challenge of the Dive~A~Thon became clear: it’s pretty hard to amuse yourself at the bottom of a pool for an hour and a half whilst also conserving air!  
Ouch, wetsuit wedgie!

By the end of each group’s first shift you’d have one or two divers counting the tiny little blue and white tiles on the pool bottom and a third perfecting the Zen Art of the Hover.

Reports indicate that Greg finally cracked his buoyancy problems and was floating like a Buddha, but y’all who saw him bumping into the Nautilus up at Stoney and falling over the seven meter ledge will know that that just can’t be.

  MSDT and Soon-To-Be Staff Instructor Aidan Hardy however was particularly keen and managed floats of up to fifteen minutes before a sneaky tile-counter would creep up from behind and very quietly bleed air from his BCD through the shoulder dump.
Hey, we had to make our own entertainment back then you know!
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