The Twenty Four Hour Dive~A~Thon  
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More than six weeks after the disaster, the number of people believed killed in December's earthquake and the resulting tsunami has risen to 287,993. The hardest-hit communities will need not just temporary succour, but near-total rebuilding. This is a subject with which many divers will have empathy. To do our small part and also to give divers here a chance to get involved, Sally P shifted heaven, earth and DLL to set up a sponsored 24 Hour Dive~A~Thon to raise money for the DEC and DiveAid to send out to Asia.


The plan was for the first wave of divers to meet at the shop to get tanks ‘n toys, the remainder directly at the pool.


The first group had just about collected their gear and kitted up that Saturday morning when it was already time to get over to the pool and, with barely an introduction, the first group splashed in for noon.

Gav, your boys are on the other side of the pool..
Mark “I could kill you with my thumb” Mills was teaching an OW course but surely he wouldn’t mind a little company and a shoulder to lean on when the kids started asking him the hard questions like where does this go, what do I do with that, what’s that noise and so on.     The plan was for three or four teams, consisting of two or three divers each, to dive in shifts from noon on Saturday through to noon on Sunday. That way there would always be divers in the water and nitrogen loading wouldn’t be an issue.

It’s not easy to work out your pressure group after 90 minutes at 3 meters, but the tech guys, festooned with twin sets, SMBs, reels, torches, strobes, dive knives and more computers than a Christmas tree has lights gave it their best shot. That's you then Gary.

  In fact, Gary ‘Pants’ Linger pushed through a 240 minute dive just to run the profile and demonstrate to us all that a one meter deco stop could be done.

As it turned out, there were no issues with nitrogen saturation (surprise surprise) but it was remarkable how many divers got narked, particularly down at the pub on Sunday evening.

There’s surely room for a scientific study or two here.

Dave doin' a little Scientific Studying of his own
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