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Pop Quiz kids:

Who, standing at the edge of the water early on Saturday morning watching a certain diver getting into his dry suit, observed at the top of her voice that this diver needed plenty of room in his dry suit to stow, and I quote “his huge knob and massive pair of swinging balls”? Answers on the back of a fiver to the usual address.

Cue the stunned silence of twelve divers not well known for their fragility, and, amid the vast desert of silence, the sound of some tanks splashing into the water as Dan lost his grip on the rope he was lowering them down with.
I tell you, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!
The coastline along from St Ives. a quick photo snatched while we were chasing after the dolphins..
Loading the boats. If you listen carefully you can just hear that cylinder splashing into the water..
Kate grabbing the first huge, hard red thing she can. No idea what Dan was thinking..
Oh they mocked us on the rib my precious, oh how they mocked..
.. until they begged us for a tow because their boat broke down, those nasty hobbitses.

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