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Saturday came very quickly indeed and we were roused by the dawn chorus that is Pants and Elvis off-gassing. Having spent all night either drinking, playing with their dive computers or reconfiguring their regulators on the kitchen table at two am, it was a no wonder that they weren’t in their bodies yet. And please, no undignified comments on whose body Pants might have been in.

However, true to the tribe motto of Hurry Up And Wait, we were up, breakfasted, washed and watered by 9am, and waiting in our cars and vans for another hour


The Llanstadwellis a 68ft reconditioned pilot boat and as such without a doubt the largest UK dive boat most of us had ever been on.

There was more than enough deck space for twelve divers and their gear gulpers, two cylinders each, the crew and their enormous tea-making capacity PLUS two tech divers with kit.

We towed FunnyPenny’s rib behind us, just in case..

The Wreck of the Lucy

The first dive was on the wreck of the Lucy, possibly one of the best known wrecks in Wales, with the exception of their rugby team.

Lucy was a 450 ton Dutch coaster on her way to Norway with a cargo of calcium carbide. She hit the Cable in 1947, at the south end of Jack Sound, and became wedged. Her crew abandoned her something sharpish, as everyone knows what happens when calcium carbide comes into contact with water.

Lucy hung off the Cable for most of the day, but the ride floated her off at dusk and she floated along to the north side of Skomer Island before she sank in about 42m of water

For an excellent description of the Lucy have a look here.

She is still pretty much intact from what you hear, with the stern superstructure offering plenty of scope for the more adventurous to do some penetration, however the dive turned out to be pretty challenging for most of the tribe and few got to see much of her.

The water was 13c and there was some swell. There's a permanent buoy attached to the bow, with a handy 5m marker, which you can drop down on.Viz cloosed in quickly as the water got dark, and at the bottom it was 3-4m at most.

Around the shot there is a very attractive scattering of daisy and plumose anemones as well as spider and eating crabs and a few wrasse. We found quite a crowd down there by the time we arrived, and the changing current made the dive even more challenging. Speaking for myself, I got narked off my tits and my buddy dragged me back up the line and out. Once all our divers were out of the water and safely back on board many were heartened to note that they weren’t the only ones who had had a tough time. However, our training stood us in sterling stead and we all felt a little stronger for having gone through that and come out the other side intact.

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