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Rory is still a happy veterinarian with a small animal practice in SW11 and finally sold his remaining supply of shoulder length rubber gloves to Dan and Dave.

The success of this liveaboard paradoxically persuaded Toomer to settle down. Leaving the shop in the safe hands of Granville Hyams he took a sabbatical with a small firm of accountants in Surbiton as their Accounts Receivable clerk. He gave away his Ducatti, realising that Italian bikes are for hairdressers, and now drives a minivan and smokes a pipe.

Terry had recently moved to the Isle of Ulay on the west coast of Ireland where he spends his days sipping thirty year old Irish and writing haikus themed on the decline of Western civilization. The diving out there is a wee bit chillier than in the Red Sea and he has replaced his blue woolen jumper with a brand new, Aran-knit undersuit from First Element.
Phil has left his high-profile job in the City doing something complicated and is spending his free time at the gym now, buffing up for the summer. Dickie’s giving him a hand job.
After seeing Kirstin peel a banana without using her hands, Hugh invited her to become the eighth Mrs. Heffner. She graciously accepted and is now a socialite in Los Angeles. Kerstin occasionally moonlights as a latex-clad Swedish nurse. That's Andy's fault.
The Wicked Temptress that is Kate Sirrell continues to be an inspiration to bon vivants the world over; her company is sought by athletes, intellectuals and men of power everywhere. She recently sat for Lucian Freud, attended the opening of the surprise fourth episode of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy with a rejuvenated David Beckham, is often seen in high company at the Guard’s polo grounds at Windsor and is said to have left the young princes tongue-tied on more than one occasion.  
Posh has let the staff at her Notting Hill residence go and is summering in the Caribbean, where she has recently hired two dozen muscular cabana boys to ensure that her sunscreen is applied evenly all over. Down boy, down.
  Due to an indiscretion with the Ambassador’s daughter and wife during the Oslo engagement, Six withdrew John’s Double O license. He was last seen at the tables in Monte Carlo betting the lot on thirteen black.    
Paul never did return to York. Deciding that the hard Northern life of whippets, scratchings and flat caps wasn’t for him, he sold his dominos and remained in London. His first musical, “Oi, Mate, The Air Conditioning’s Just Been An’ Pissed On Your Bed” is opening in the West End soon and critics are already swooning at his intuitive use of rhythm and meter as a counterpoint to the subtle, almost solipstical Weltanschauung that his oeuvre represents.
Jason spent time with the Egyptian authorities at Sharm airport explaining the 1/2 lb of grass found hidden about his person. Or more accurately, hidden “up” his person.
Little Andy has signed up for the Maldives trip and will be spending his 18th birthday diving in the Caribbean.. His likes include little puppy dogs, sipping Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
Nick is not a diver, Nick is a very naughty boy!
Andy & Sheril: After Andy’s Vegas debut with his world-famous albino tigers went disastrously wrong, he sought the solace of introspection and sequestered himself in a small Benedictine monastery just outside the M25. Fingercuffs was deeply affected by his choice, but has since blossomed like a butterfly leaving its cocoon and is now the belle of the ball. Nick left his job as a systems analyst to spread his wings. After managing a string of succeful girl bands he has turned his back on the corporate life. He bought himself a black leather jacket and now runs a string of sleazy strip joints in Siberia.
Chris changed his name to “Marvo” and ran away with the circus.
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