Newhaven, August 2004  
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The first in a long, succesful line of day trips off the South coast. This one was on the Princess out of Newhaven. The weather was sunny and calm, the sea was as flat as you like, the skipper was a bit of a merv and the diving was, well, interesting.

  We went down on the Adventurine, an armed merchantman that went down during WWII in 32m, about four miles off-shore. I can't remember a thing because, as per usual, I got narked as soon as my hair got wet. However, I hear its nice.
The Outlaws
  The second dive was in the Seaford Gullies which are only just offshore and a shallow 11m, but much more attractive. There were all sorts of crabs hoofing it across the sandy limestone bottom and more sponges than you could shake a stick at. Mark "I could kill you with my thumb" Mills had stopped horking up his guts by then I think.    
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